Many parents do find it difficult to enter a period where children will go to school. Because, choosing a school for children is not an easy thing and needs to consider many things, especially the child’s readiness, and characteristics. However, at the International School in Bangkok, you can get many advantages compared to other schools.

Many parents feel confused about choosing international schools or local schools for their children. For parents who choose international schools for their children, there are actually some advantages of the school that will be obtained.

1. Differences in curriculum
If national schools are guided by the international curriculum, international schools also use an international curriculum in their educational processes such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge, IPC, Montessori, and many more. Based on the international curriculum, all teaching materials will be delivered in English. Parents assume that this international curriculum will make their children smarter than studying in national schools, especially children will also be more proficient in English.

2. Prioritize the process
Education in international schools is more concerned with the process of how children learn and absorb the subject matter provided so that the final assessment is mostly in the form of portfolios of children’s work, not just numerical values. In addition, the school also accommodates the needs of different individuals. Meanwhile, most national schools are still more concerned with the final results in the form of scores or scores in the form of numbers. Even though in education the most important thing is the process is not the end result.

3. Fulfill all children’s needs
Most international schools are able to accommodate the needs of each child. Even some curricula give children the freedom to choose their own learning activities so that children can learn according to their abilities. International schools tend to give more freedom to children than ordinary schools so that children are more likely to express themselves.