A car is a vehicle that always helps everyday mobility you do. for that matter, you need to clean all parts of the car to make it look cleaner and have a good look. To clean the car, you can use the services of mobile detailing san diego for you to get the perfect car cleaning.

Unfortunately, the interior of the car is always forgotten when cleaning the car, but the part must also be cleaned properly maintain your comfort. Some parts of the car are often forgotten when the important part is

– Clean Car Seat
The car seat is one of the most important parts of the car. The seat is used as a passenger seat for the car during the trip. In order to make your trip feel comfortable of course care of the seat needs to be considered. Here are some ways to clean the interior of the car seat in accordance with the type of seat material.

1. Seat with original leather (original leather)
To clean upholstery with genuine leather, some of the tools you need to prepare are soft cloth, chamois plates, soft feather brush, and vacuum cleaner (if any). For unreachable parts, you can use a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean it.

2. Seats made from velvet
To clean the car seat made from velvet, you need more attention than other types of seat material. Prepare tools such as a brush that smooth brush, wipe fine cloth, velvet special cleaning fluid, and vacuum cleaner (if any). First, clean the dirt on the seat by using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

– Clean Car Dashboard
The dashboard is part of the car most often exposed to sun exposure. So if not done maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis will cause cracks and dashboard colors that fade. How to clean the dashboard is very easy, you just need to clean the dust that sticks to the dashboard by using a duster. After that, spray cleaning fluid to the dashboard to be cleaned and wipe with a cloth.