Drunken driving is definitely not recommended in any country. For that, you should be as much as possible to avoid drunk conditions when going to drive. Many cases eventually go to law for committing such acts and harming others. For those who are in the case definitely need the services of DUI lawyers. Some of them choose to use the services of dui lawyers fort myers to handle their cases. the services of Criminal & DUI Lawyer Gary Rohlwing will help the victims who are considered not too guilty in the accident. The victims will be very helpful if menggunkaan services.

However, there are actually some facts you should know about driving in a drunken state:

1. 30 percent of the accident occurred due to drunk driving.
Every year, many people lose their lives by driving while intoxicated. Many also have to resort to legal proceedings for harming the other side or causing casualties in the accident. Other people who become victims usually bring it to the legal path to get the right justice.

2. Alcohol affects the brain
The influence of alcohol on the brain is very large, especially in a few hours after consumption. For that reason, people who have just been drinking alcohol are not allowed to perform other activities, especially driving, because it can cause some losses. The most fatal is if the loss is someone else.

3. Alcohol gives bad effect
The influence of alcohol can cause a person who sednag driving does not use seat belts and do not follow the rules of safety in driving. For this reason many cases of accidents caused by the influence of alcohol.

4. Alcohol gives more impact on driving at night
There are several studies that say that the influence of alcohol will be greater at night compared with the daytime. If observed, accidents due to the influence of alcohol more commonly found at night than during the day.

5. The effects of alcohol will be gone for 6 to 7 hours
You are allowed to drive back after that time because the alcohol effect usually has been lost in the duration of 6 to 7 hours. At that time the body is considered to have returned to its original state and you can run the activity as usual.

6. Alcohol gives more confidence effect
The effect is what makes a person take a decision while driving. People who are under the influence of alcohol usually think they can drive better and drive over the normal speed limit, when in fact it is only their minds that are under the influence of alcohol.