SEO is the lifeblood of a company’s online presence. Your website must take full advantage of SEO if you want to see and get involved with it. But your company is not expected to know what SEO and the most common scenario is that you bring in a company or individual from outside to create what is known as an SEO campaign for your web presence. This process should take some time because, while it’s easy to rush in and try and get your company into the top spot on Google, each quick profits rarely last. Good, a campaign conducted by the SEO agency consistently builds long-term benefits for your position in search rankings. The first action SEO specialist will take is to perform the audit SEO. Such as large projects that have important consequences and results, the specialist will want to know where you are at as a company online, and what you need to do to move forward. You can read this King Kong agency review.

This means implementing a comprehensive SEO audit that will afford a clear view of your strengths and weaknesses, and to create an action plan that will help to improve your rankings. The first SEO audit will focus on the keywords that you are using for your website. The main objective here is to make sure your keywords are currently ranked. This will involve some discussion of whoever is responsible for a key strategy in your company. Once the keyword strategy you’ve used is identified and ranked for your keywords have been recorded, SEO audit will move to assess the keywords you want to rank for.

Then an audit will assess how well your competitors rank for the same keywords. The audit will ask a lot of information about your keywords and especially about how you came to them. The common practice then is to do keyword research as well, so that the SEO specialist will be able to tell you if you aim for the right keywords. After all the correct keywords in place, you will be in a better position to create content that will rank for you. When choosing an SEO specialist, please remember to focus on finding a company that has a good website in the first place. If they do not rank high, it does not bode well for your efforts.