To make SEO Articles, you must CHOOSE Keywords first, and then PLAY Keywords in the article. How to? We just go straight to the case. Visit dallas seo to know more detail about SEO.

Make an SEO Title

For example, you have chosen the keyword “Internet Marketing Course”, embed the keyword into the Title. And you can add another word in the title, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the keyword.


“Internet Marketing and Online Business Website Course”.

We see so you can add other words and don’t have to coexist words per word.

Make a Meta Description SEO

You can also read the link about the Meta Description here. In google search results, the meta description will be displayed with the length of 150-160 letters, longer than that will be cut automatically by Google, which is marked with a colon “…”.

This is like a brief description that you must make to attract visitors in and read your article. And keywords must be embedded in this Meta Description.

How do I make Meta Description?

If you use WordPress, you have to install additional plugins like Yoast, so the Meta Description form appears in each article that you will write. See the picture below is the Yoast plugin on WordPress.

What if I don’t want to use a plugin? Can be!

All you need to do is make sentences from 150-160 letters at the beginning of the first paragraph, and plant them with keywords. This is what Google will take to Meta Description. Is it easy?


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