Hadapsar Annexe

Investment in the Shapoorji Hadapsar Annexe property is still a mainstay of some people. This is because property prices tend to be stable and do not recognize the word depreciation or prices that can sell down.

But still, every investment has its advantages and disadvantages. What should be considered before deciding to invest in property? Here’s the review.

1. Maintenance and insurance costs
This maintenance and insurance cost is one thing you need to think about. This treatment is carried out to maintain the value of the property investment. A well-maintained house will certainly attract buyers and increase the selling price.

3. Large capital
It is undeniable that property investment, including capital-intensive investment, also consumes large capital. So careful preparation is needed before getting into the property business so that your finances are not eroded.

4. Location
Choosing a strategic location is crucial in the property business. If the location is far and less strategic, we will certainly experience difficulties in marketing these property products. Before starting to invest money, of course, we must first study the desired property location and projections in the next few years.

5. Quality decreases
Like man-made goods, property quality will inevitably decline over time. Property investment demands supervision of material quality. If from the outset the building materials used did not meet the proper standards, in several years the damage may occur here and there.

6. Duration
Property investment is a long term investment. This investment is also not as liquid as other types of investment. To achieve a high return, make sure your property can be sold within the next 5 years.

7. Transaction Fees
Property investment is not just a matter of buying and selling prices. You also have to pay attention to other costs such as notary fees, license and paperwork fees, and so on. Dealing with letters with the services of a notary also requires a large fee. For that, make sure you are ready with this.