Caring for a car is a major part of extending the life of your vehicle. Regular treatments will make your car’s performance better. Get the best pick up and drop of mot service on our website.

Caring for a car does not mean that you always have to take it to the garage, but you can also do the maintenance yourself.

Of course, this treatment is car care that you can indeed do in a car, not a treatment that requires special skills such as those owned by workshops.

Call it repairs such maintenance of engine damage. For things like this, it’s good if left to the experts, right? But if you talk about car maintenance such as cleaning cars, batteries, oil is easy and you can do in the garage of your home.

Here is a 3-month treatment that you must do if you have a car.

1. Oil and Filters
For each owner of an oil motor vehicle, one of the important parts for the vehicle can function properly or not. Oil must be replaced every 3 months and of course, you must use the right oil and according to your machine.

Indeed oil change is not enough, you also have to check the oil filter. A clogged oil filter will not take you anywhere but just a workshop. Oil filters should also be replaced when changing your vehicle oil. If the filter gets clogged, it means the filter is dirty and can make the oil unable to be channeled properly.

There are two types of filters that you might find, the first is a paper-based filter and the second is a wire mesh. If you plan to replace the oil and oil filter yourself, you must recognize the filter material that your vehicle has.

2. Glass Wiper
Car glass cleaning fluid contains a lot of methanol which of course is dangerous for you and the environment so it must be reduced.

There are many ways you can replace this clean water by making your own cleaning fluid.

This liquid can be made using tools that can be found in your home. Of course, using your own cleaning fluid will be far more efficient than buying this liquid yourself.