After knowing the selection method that can be tried, it is better for the company to build an effective self-selection system, so that it can be used by anyone and at any time. Of course, it can be different in each recruitment project, therefore, with the design tips in this article, it is hoped that recruiters will be able to create an effective selection process for their company. On the other hand, if your company is no longer be able to handle the recruitment process, you can hire staff solutions recruitment immediately.

Here are the tips that you must know:

Understanding the Job Required

Begin with an understanding of the job and the characteristics that distinguish successful performance on the job (also known as job analysis). You can conduct job analysis internally, or partner with field experts who specialize in developing employee selection systems. If you do not understand the duties, responsibilities, and authorities of a position, you will find it difficult to design the right selection system for employees.

Write a clear job description

Once you have an understanding of the job and the traits that distinguish successful performance on the job. Next, you must compile a clear job description. This is useful so that incoming candidates can be selected quickly. In addition, creativity is also needed in designing a distinctive job description, so that the description is not only able to display the company’s values, but can also attract candidates.

Develop a Selection Process and Use it Consistently

Next, you must develop a selection process. Determine the best way to measure the most critical properties, through various means of measurement. If you already have knowledge related to a job or position, what competencies are needed, then it will be easier for you to determine the right selection method. Apart from that, you should also consider several other things such as process efficiency, candidate perception, and fairness. There are many types of employee assessments and simulations available, along with interviews and role-plays, that can be used in selection. After determining the selection process that will be used for a position, you must also carry out the process consistently so that the selection process is fair.