Various grill foods such as barbecue, steak, or skewer are very appetizing. The distinctive burnt aroma can certainly increase your appetite. Moreover, the crisp surface of the food adds to its deliciousness. Unfortunately, there are some things that often escape our attention when cooking, and that is the cleanliness of the grill. I used to think that the grill should be cleaned in moderation. But over time, food scraps come to the surface. Try to imagine germs and dirt that dwell in there. Furthermore, if you don’t clean it properly, your grill becomes rusty. Besides damaging the appearance of the toaster, crust or hardened charcoal is also at risk of causing some diseases. Therefore you need special handling when cleaning the grill properly. Additionally, if you want to buy a grill that can be cleaned very easily, we suggest you buy the stainless steel gas grill on

You can do these tips to clean your grill well:

Cool the grill first

After using a grill, you should not immediately clean it right away. Wait until the temperature of the grill returns to normal. Cleaning the grill while it is still hot has the potential to make your hands hurt, and it can also damage the grill quickly.

Wet the grill

So that you clean the remaining stains and crust on the grill easier, wet the grill first. The best way is to spray high-pressure water. If stains and crusts are very stubborn, you can soak the grill first with warm water for several hours or overnight. Even stubborn crusts and stains will be easier to rub and clean after that.

Clean it with a brush and cleaning liquid

Apparently, cleaning the grill with water alone is not enough. You need extra soap and also a wire brush. You can use special cleaning soap or ordinary dishwashing soap, then brush it until there are no stains and crust left. Make sure to use a soft wire brush and don’t rub it too hard, because it will damage the coating on your grill.

Clean it with food ingredients in the kitchen

If you prefer to clean the grill naturally, you can use the ingredients in your kitchen. Like making pasta dough from water and baking soda instead of cleaning soap. Or make a scrub from a mixture of lemon juice and salt, and you can also try soaking your grill in coffee water to remove fat from your it. Whatever method you choose, be sure to rinse the grill again with water until it is completely clean.

Dry the grill

After the grill is cleaned, your next task is to dry or drain the remaining water on the grill until it is completely dry. Then you can save it for future use. Avoid storing the grill that is still wet or damp, because it will make your grill become a den of germs and it also rusts faster.