For some people, smoking is indeed a habit that is very difficult to eliminate. In fact, there are some people who can’t stop smoking. Until now, there are many types of cigarettes that can be used. In fact, in recent years, many people have begun to replace their cigarettes with a vape that can be refilled with various liquids that have flavor. One of the vapes that can be chosen is wax e juice kit.

The number of people who use vape does not mean they know the right way to use the vape. In fact, some people feel they can’t use it until it causes them to cough. In fact, there are several tips to suck the vape in the right way. Some ways are

1. Make sure you fill the tank cap in the usage limit or face limit. Because, if the vape is filled too much it will cause a bad impact on health. One of them is that you can cough while sucking on the vape. So, make sure you always fill the vape with normal limits.

2. Before starting to suck the vape, first breathe the air using your mouth slowly and slowly remove it too. This works for initial training so that you don’t feel shocked when you suck on the vape.

3. Don’t suck the vape in a hurry. Suction slowly so you don’t choke. Gently breathe vapor just as you breathe air through your mouth. It is also intended that you get used to the steam produced by the vape. That way, you can suck the vapor so that the smoke vapor produced is even more maximal.

4. The last step that you can try is to get used to how to suck the vape. The more you get used to it, then you will be able to suck it and will get a pleasant smoking sensation. You can even combine techniques like mouth to lung when using vape.