Marble is a popular material used for counters in baths and kitchens. Cleaning and caring marble may be difficult because it can be damaged by spilling an acidic substance on it and leaving a permanent dull scar. You need to mop up spills as soon as possible to keep it clean. You can also call Tile Cleaning North Shore to help you out

If you want to clean the countertops, here are some tips you need to know how to cleaning marble countertops.

Marble Countertops Cleaning Tips from Tile Cleaning North Shore

1. Do and Don’t

A single-use of acidic substances like vinegar, bleach or Windex on marble will eat the surface and dull the stone. Don’t use abrasive pads or cleaner, it can make marble scratched. You may not need specialty cleaners for your marble countertops. As recommended by Tile Cleaning North Shore you have to prepare hot water and mild soap and wipe it on the counter using a soft sponge or cloth. This tips will remove dirt but won’t heal any stains or etching.

2. Cleaning Stains

You have to prepare a few drops of ammonia that mixed with hydrogen peroxide and then rub it to your marble counters. Make sure you don’t put more than a few drops of ammonia, because it can damage your counter. For a paint stain, you can use a dull razor to scrape it off carefully. You can hire a professional like Tile Cleaning North Shore to remove the stain and the surface sealant. It will make the counter surface more matte and looking new.

So you need to know to clean or remove the stains for marble countertops, it will make the counters more fresh and new and also stains-free. That’s all about how to cleaning marble countertops tips from Tile Cleaning North Shore.

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