The important building that is required to be clean and well-maintained is none other than a hospital. Not only in terms of medical equipment that is required to be sterile, but the hospital environment both inside and outside must also be clean and well maintained. One important factor is the cleanliness of the hospital floor. Hospital floors today have used a lot of vinyl. Vinyl flooring is used because this type of floor is easy to clean and does not make dirt stick to the floor for a long time. Hospital vinyl flooring steam star carpet cleaning has several advantages that can meet health standard quality, namely:

Tips for Caring for Hospital Vinyl Flooring
• Anti micro bacterial: Not easily contaminated by bacteria and fungi.
• Anti-slip: has high resistance so it is not easy to friction, especially on sloping roads or flat stairs that are common in hospitals.
• Anti-scratch: not easily scratched or damaged due to being rubbed by sharp objects.
• Strong resistance: has resistance to heavy loaded objects.
• Anti-chemical: not easily damaged if the chemical spills in the hospital.
Here are easy tips we can share for cleaning and caring for hospital vinyl floors:

• Clean the vinyl floor using a soft nylon broom before using it. If there is a stain, clean it with MCP liquid that has been poured on the cloth then rub it on the stain.
• Do mopping using 2 kinds of water. First water mix with cleaning liquid and wipe all over the surface. After that, use second water that has been mixed with anti-bacterial liquid.
• Avoid too much friction on the vinyl floor, if you are moving heavy objects do not move them but use a trolley with wheels.
• Apply glossy liquid periodically on the vinyl floor so that it still looks shiny and beautiful.

The advantage of vinyl hospital flooring is that in addition to the high-quality material, the price is also very affordable. This type of floor also has strong durability for a long time. The choice of colors is also very large, not limited to monotonous motifs. Specifications and types of vinyl flooring you can see on the site to be taken into consideration and guaranteed to fulfill your choice of the heart.

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