With so many options on the Internet, we are sometimes confused to choose the provider of Web Hosting services available. for that this time top computers will share tips for my friend in choosing Web Hosting services so that no errors that will be able to eliminate the files – files that have buddy computer store because my friend chose the services of an unprofessional Hosting provider. ok, we just go on tips on choosing a reseller hosting service provider.

1. Space and Bandwidth Requirements

The number of files either in the form of text, images, video or audio that will be so bad save on the server hosting into certain considerations in terms of choosing a hosting package provided, especially in terms of hard disk space. not only that, the number of visits to your website is also a consideration to choose how much bandwidth provided on the hosting package that you select. and if the site visitors are too many, it would be nice if my friend chose to host package that provides bandwidth “Unlimited”.

2. Facilities and Services

From any existing hosting providers will certainly offer different facilities and services – different too. But in general the same, the bias that distinguishes between one another is the availability of software – software that is in hosting. One example is Softaculous or Fantastico Delux which is useful to install CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and so forth. In terms of service is very diverse, so try to choose a hosting provider that provides full support in order to help my friend when having problems with the website that my friend manages.

3. Website Visitor Targeting

For these tips is very useful for saving bandwidth that will be used. If your site is designed for visitors from Indonesia or local visitors, choose a local server (Server IIX), and if the target visitor is from abroad choose US Server or American Server. However, these tips are not absolutely necessary to do.

4. Determining the Price

In hiring web hosting of course this one thing is also a consideration for the sustainability of the site you created. If you sign up hosting that will be used as a place to store personal sites, choose an affordable hosting package. However, if for the sites of a company or agency, adjust also with existing funds. Because the price also affects the facilities and services provided by the hosting provider.

Usually, the provider of the Hosting package provides an offer for the financing of each package provided. Can be done every month or it could be every year, it all depends on the agreement or contract made.