Owning a dog is great fun. Giving him Life Abundance dog food to your beloved dog can make him very active. Dogs are the best and most loyal companions of humans. That is often said of animals that are often part of special family members. Dogs can fill someone’s void easily. So there is a joke that dogs are more loyal than husbands or wives because of the emotional relationship formed between dogs and their owners.

If you decide to get a dog in your home, then here are some tips to consider when choosing a dog.

1 Race or Mixed?
When choosing a dog, there are many choices available in terms of breed, nature, body size, coat color, and more. However, you should also decide on a breed or mixed-breed dog.

2 Dog characters and traits
Each breed of dog has different and unique characters and traits. Not all large dogs are fierce and aggressive dogs. And not all small, petite dogs are friendly dogs. For example, the Golden Retriever, even though it is large, is a dog that likes to befriend anyone. Meanwhile, Terriers who are small and petite are aggressive and fierce dogs. Choose the dog you like the most about his character and character.

3 The area of your house vs the dog
If your home is small, don’t get large, aggressive dogs. Because if he’s in the mood to play, your house will quickly fall apart. If your house is small and lots of objects, then you should choose a dog that is small or tiny like a poodle.

4 Dog backgrounds
Choose a dog that has a well-defined background. If you buy from a pet shop, then ask for a letter or certificate of information first. If not, then you can consult for information. You can also get dogs from people you know well. This method is better because you can know more clearly how health, care, and authenticity. If you choose a baby puppy, then you should find out the background of the parent, whether it has certain disorders or health problems. Puppies will reduce the character, behavior, and health of the mother.

5 Male or female
Female dogs are usually easier to manage. Meanwhile, male dogs are more aggressive and active. Besides, male dogs usually have an adventurous spirit, so if they are not noticed, they may disappear. Therefore, if you want to keep your dog indoors, choose a female dog. Meanwhile, if you want to be used as a guard dog, then choose a male dog.

6 Puppies or adult dogs
Puppies are usually easier to train than adult dogs. However, you need to be more patient raising a puppy-like raising a newborn and still young.

Meanwhile, adult dogs are more difficult to educate and change their behavior because they have developed habits in the place where they were previously bred. However, if you choose the right adult dog, there are benefits too. Adult dogs usually have enough knowledge to deal with other people and their surroundings.