If you don’t have a trip this weekend, you can invite your family and close friends to a deliciously grilled meat party. It’s just that, before actually starting a roast meat party, you must know how to burn the right meat. It’s because burning meat cannot be careless. Wrong way to burn, the meat will be tough and burnt. Meanwhile, check out the products from the Paradise Grilling Systems, and your purchase there will also help the children who are suffering from cancer.

“If the temperature is wrong, the meat will burn quickly,” said Aldecy Bastos, executive chef of Tucano’s Brazilian barbeque restaurant.

In addition to choosing the type of meat that is easily tender, such as sirloin or tenderloin, make sure the quality of the meat is good and fresh. Not denied the poor quality of meat will affect the taste.

To produce the perfect grilled meat, here are some tips from chef Bastos.

1. Season with salt and pepper

You don’t need to flavor meat with too much spice. “To make it delicious, just need rock salt and pepper.”

Before baking, make sure you ration all parts of the meat with salt and pepper evenly.

2. Bake evenly

When baking, you can use a variety of equipment, such as a fire grill or oven. It’s just that, make sure you know the ‘work tool’.

If using an oven, make sure you use an oven equipped with a ‘sticking device’ that can be installed between oven racks. This stick will rotate when the oven turns on so that the grill will cook evenly.

If you don’t have this type of oven, you should pay attention to the temperature and also the time so as not to burn.

“Whereas when using a fire grill, bake the meat for five minutes per side. After that, it will be turned to the other side.”

3. If using a hot plate, consider the time

When using a hot plate, the heat level will keep the meat cooked in a short time.

“If you want to eat medium meat on a hot plate, it means you have to lift the meat from the grill when it is medium rare. When placed on a hot plate, the meat will remain cooked until it becomes medium.”