When you search for domain names try to search for domains with.COM extensions. The reason is that this domain extension is the most popular on the internet. Most people who still lay on the internet assume all the website address on the internet for use.COM. So not to confuse the layman, use the extension .COM. Don’t forget to also avoid the free names, due to even the Cheap domain names are more effective and reliable than the free ones.

If you do not find a domain name that fits them.COM extension, alternatively you can use the .NET extension (the second most popular domain extension).

But if.COM and .NET are not right, the third alternative is to use ccTLD.

Most people would recommend.ORG as a third alternative, but I would recommend ccTLD because.ORG is less suitable for posting on blogs.

What is ccTLD?

ccTLD stands for Country Code Top-Level Domain, a domain extension devoted to a particular Country.


.ID = Indonesia

.DE = Germany

.ES = Spain

.IN = India

.JP = Japan

.DLL = Abbreviation of “And Others”

Make domain names as unique as possible

Make your domain name as unique as possible, do not imitate the domain name that already exists.

For example, blogs discuss technology, then try not to use the word “Tekno” on the domain name.

Because as far as I see already very many tech blogs that use the word “Tekno” on the domain name.

Make sure it is easy to type, remember and say

In addition to unique, the domain name you select should also be easily typed, remembered and spoken. This is important to facilitate us in promoting blogs, especially offline promotions.

If for example there are friends or neighbors who ask our blog address, so we don’t get confused to explain them about it.