Even though a safe manufacturer has provided a guarantee to service the safe if there is a bottleneck or a problem, but consumers also need to get a short training to explain how to maintain the right safe. Because safes have good quality, of course, you have never experienced a problem. Apart from that, don’t forget to call Washington DC locksmith company in NW when your safe lock mechanism is jammed.

Perform code replacement for your safe combination number periodically

This combination code replacement applies to every safe with a digital locking system or a manual or manual combination system. The reason for making this replacement is not just for security, but also important to anticipate congestion and damage to the safe key. Because the keypad material used on your digital lock and rotary combination number if it is not replaced within a long period of time will experience wear and cause congestion/damage. Replacement of this combination number code is done at least once every 3 years during the use of the safe.

Also, check the humidity in your safe room

Before using the safe, pay attention to the room to place your safe in a humid condition or not, if it is too humid, it will cause your items stored in the safe to be damaged, especially those made of paper (money or other important documents), combination locks made of the metal will also experience corrosion and also the electronic circuit of the digital locking system will also be damaged.

Give lubricant to the safe key.

What also needs to be done in the care of the safe is in a certain period every 6 months to 1 year once giving oil to the long key part or short key other than the combination key such as oil or WD lubricant instead of oil.

And also the safe hinges should also be provided with lubricants. For combination locks, you can use WD (spray lubricant). By spraying on the combination block, open the lid on the back and also open the lid of the safe combination lock.