Surely you already know, this one is not recommended, but we do. There’s a reason, right? For example, fuss or maybe there is an impromptu dating and you just push the acne to shrink. Well, it seems all women have experienced this incident. In addition to the risk of infection, squeezing pimples can leave black marks on your face. If you are forced to squeeze pimples, Take a Look Here and try to do some tips to remove the following acne scars:

– Compress with a warm towel

Tips to remove acne scars the first you can do compress the acne with a warm cloth, for a few minutes. Warm steam will help the facial pores become more relaxed and soften skin texture in the area of acne. Make sure the cloth or towel you use is clean.

– Do it right

You can only do this on acne that already has ‘eyes’. If your acne has no eyes, just leave it alone. Avoid also squeezing pimples using fingers. Instead, wrap your fingers using a tissue or use 2 cotton buds. After squeezing pimples, in general, acne will remove fluid. Remove the contents of acne using a cotton bud from both sides and press gently. You who want to be practical and do not bother too can use tools such as acne remover that is specifically targeted to remove the contents of acne. Try not to press hard or rough because it will aggravate the area of inflammation around the acne so it leaves a mark.

– Compress with ice

As successful as any scene squeezes pimples, surely the skin will remain reddish and even slightly swollen. Tips to remove other acne scars can be appeased by compressing the area using a towel, cloth, or cotton that was given ice. Do it for 5 minutes.

– Give proper protection and do not hold acne

After cleaning, then the next thing to do is give a shield, and do not you hold it back. Post acne squeeze requires extra handling. Stop peeling dry skin acne scar because it will leave more traces. Do not forget to keep skin moist by applying moisturizer. Choose gel texture with powerful ingredients to fight acne, black spots, or red rashes. Allantoin and panthenol bladders are also good for accelerating the healing process of acne.