Who wants to swim with whale sharks? This experience is certainly very thrilling. You certainly think that this activity will be dangerous, but the reality is not like that. This is a safe tour activity because it is accompanied by professional staff. If you choose not to swim, then you can enjoy whale sharks from the top of the cruise and you still will not lose the thrilling sensation.

For those of you who choose to swim, make sure you master basic swimming techniques. Swim with whale sharks will use snorkeling techniques to get a more realistic sensation. If you are a beginner, we provide tips to make your snorkeling safe in the sea:

– Check equipment & use
Before snorkeling, you should first check the equipment, such as masks and frog legs. Don’t forget to check whether the snorkel is still suitable for use or not, such as a leak. Also check the frog’s feet to function properly, still quite flexible and according to the size of the feet.

– Get into the habit of breathing with snorkeling
When using snorkels, you will breathe through your mouth. To get used to it, practice first with a snorkel before entering into the sea until you get used to it. Forgetfulness of breathing through snorkels can happen which actually makes you get water through your nose later.

– Pay attention to the surroundings
Looks beautiful and charms underwater scenery often makes you complacent when snorkeling. This makes you not pay attention to your surroundings. Always be aware of strong currents, ocean waves, and marine ecosystems that are there. This includes steps to maintain the survival of the marine ecosystem in order to stay balanced.

– Maintain Sustainability
There is something more important than yourself, namely the preservation of the underwater world. Don’t let snorkeling damage coral reefs and another marine biota. Don’t touch or step on the coral reef, leave the garbage to feed the fish. Make sure you keep the natural beauty around