nanny in the present is no less important with a household assistant or a driver. In fact, having a child as if a team with a nanny. But, even if parents-especially working-need nannies, there’s often a feeling of jealousy when the child gets too close to his nanny. Before that, you can Book a Nanny from Savoir Vivre.

Actually, you need not worry. No matter how closely the child is to the nanny, the role of parents in giving love and education remains irreplaceable. Therefore, you need to know the restrictions in the nanny so that children are not too stuck with the nanny.

– Do not make nanny give children basic rights related to attention and affection. When you feel that the child is too attached, the possible cause is the child’s basic rights such as the feeling of being loved and loved has begun to be blurred between you and his nanny. This can be prevented by re-giving the expression of love to the child, for example by hugging and kissing him before bed.

– Prevent nanny to give a lot of freedom to the child, which does not fit your thinking. For example, rules in play and nap.

– Provide an understanding of the child that the needs met by his nanny are only physical needs, such as eating, bathing, or keeping them at play. Not a need like attention, love, and affection. But, that does not mean you prevent nanny to give attention and affection to your child.

– Optimize the time you have with your child. Therefore, get rid of gadgets and other devices first when the child wants to play with you.

– The decision of the nanny is your decision as well. So, when children ask about whether or not to do something, make the child realize that the rule is the instruction of the parents (although delivered by a nanny). This will keep your role in attendance, even if you’re physically not near them.

These limits do not have to be rigid or inconvenience to the child or nanny. Therefore, good cooperation between parents and nanny plays a very important role.