All dogs, of all kinds, need activities that can channel their energy. One of the simple activities that can be done is to take him for a walk. For a large breed of minimal, it takes approximately 40 minutes in one way. Walking will also make the dog’s brain grow. Use the following tricks when taking your beloved dog for a walk, so that the dog is obedient to you, open you who must follow it. Don’t forget to use the leather dog training leash as well.

Use the guideline only when the dog is calm.

Before walking you should make sure in a good condition, good mood because the dog can feel your energy. Dogs will not follow a weak leader.

You should always be the first to come out of a new house door followed by a dog. Likewise when you go home, ask the dog to wait, go in first and then the dog will follow. Remember in the dog world the leader always goes ahead.

While walking with a dog, make sure he is always sideways or behind you instead of walking in front of you. Remember, you decide where to go, when to turn, etc., not your dog!

During the walk never let the dog kiss the road, stopping to urinate, chasing a cat or a walk to and fro itself, give correction and make sure always the road on your side or back until you just give time to wastewater and play.

Do it every day, morning and evening, feel the changes that happen to your dog.

It’s true that walking with a newly adopted dog, especially a young one can be quite challenging. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be impossible to train your dog to walk with you properly, as long as you’re following the proper tips and tricks all the while you’re wearing a good leash for your dog’s training.