In the midst of business competition like now, the exhibition can be a show off for you. Unfortunately, this can sometimes turn into big losses when your booth is quiet. Then, how to make the booth crowded when the exhibition? Meanwhile, don’t forget to add some Custom made inflatable tents and marques to attract more visitors.

Here are some tips for you:

1. Location determines achievement

Sentences that you have known for a long time this is indeed proven. What else when you are in a big exhibition with many booths. Location is crucial to your achievement. Usually, it’s a better location to have a more expensive price. However, if it is worth the visitors you will get, why not try to pick it up? Some locations that attract visitors are near the exit and entrance, or near the stage.

2. External appearance can also attract visitors

The outer appearance or design of your booth is also one of the keys for visitors to come to the booth. This outward appearance will also be more important if you do not get a strategic location. When you get no place, then you have to stand out from the others. Therefore, your booth design is as good as possible so that visitors are interested to enter. There’s nothing wrong with adding extra cost to a more interesting booth.

3. Do not forget the newsletter

In addition to the location and look outside, you also should not forget the newsletter. However, since some people have a tendency to throw away the newsletters that they take for granted, you should make something with an interesting design. If your booth visitor is interested, then he will definitely read it. However, if not, you should attract them by giving them knowledge about the product or service you are selling at the booth.

4. Give your booth a pleasant impression when visited

Booth is too rigid now is not interesting for some people, what else when you target young children as visitors. Give the impression of fun when visited, such as by taking a friendly SPG / SPB or providing refreshments such as candy and water for visitors or sofas. Little things like this can make them feel good to come, even they can also tell their friends to visit your booth.