It is important to pick the right equipment for your company that fits with the nature of the service. You can find there’s a lot of card payment machine that available on the market You should also consider several factors including payment options, cost, and functions. So, you may choose between portable, countertop, and mobile payment machines. There are a few types of payment options, such as a credit card swipe machine, contactless, mobile credit card machine, and chip and pin reader.

For those interested to use a payment machine, here’s some information you need to know about the type of payment machine.

Card Payment Machine Types for Small Company Needs

1. Portable Payment Device

Portable card payment machine similar to the counter type but it can be moved around. It can also be used for premises of your small business and works in hospitality industries like a restaurant where payment takes place at the table of customer. Some types of credit card machines are connected to a Bluetooth which works to a payment portal and the terminal. There are also additional functions for adding gratuity to the bill that can be set up to meet the service’s requirements.

2. Countertop Payment Terminal

The countertop payment terminal is the most common and best card payment machine that perfect for your business. This credit card machine works with small businesses which have only one physical point to process credit cards efficiently and rapidly for transactions. It is because the countertop terminal is connected to the merchant account provider electronically via ethernet line or telephone. The most common machines are magnetic credit card swipe machines and chip and pin readers. Customer details are generally recorded and the transaction is processed via the card machine provider, which forwards the funds to the account of the merchant. Countertop payment is recommended for businesses such as beauty salons, spas, coffee shops, and newsstands.

Countertop payment terminal and portable payment device are recommended for your small business, so you can pick the right one for your needs. That’s some information about the type of card payment machine you need to know.