The real meaning is to do photoshoots for newborns with various concepts. But indeed, not all photographers are able to do it, because it takes special techniques and skills, to create the right angel photo, without hurting the baby, because at a newborn age, of course, babies cannot pose like children and adults. Maybe for some people, understanding newborn photography is very easy, because all you have to do is put the baby in a certain place, then snap it. But in fact, there are many things that need to be considered so that the photos from are really high quality.


Newborns are still very vulnerable, so for a newborn photoshoot, it is recommended that the baby is more than two weeks old. At least at that age, the baby has begun to get used to the world, and his immune system is starting to develop.

Make sure the photographer is clean hands, face, and body because they must be in direct contact with the baby. Likewise, the shooting location must be sterile and completely clean.

Do things that make the baby comfortable before the photo, so that he doesn’t cry until the photo session is postponed. Starting from making sure the baby is getting enough sleep, is full of breast milk or formula, and is not in an unhealthy condition

Do not just put the baby in the desired position. Be careful and make sure the baby is in a safe position. Because the bones are not fully formed if the wrong position can have a long-term impact on their growth and development.

To produce quality photos for this type of photo, you need a good quality camera such as a DSLR type and above, with a clear lens and able to capture light well from various angles.