7K metals review is basically a healthy business and have the opportunity to earn a large income, has much to prove the fastest growing mlm companies. The culprit consists of various classes, social status, and age, almost anyone can run this business, not a few who succeed thanks to run this business, of course, any business if done seriously and consistently will certainly produce maximum results. It’s just that, as the development of this business model and the entry of foreign companies that are illegally proven illegally on behalf of business-level marketing, make companies that are pure MLM get the impact, the result of all MLM business in hooked-up with illegal business. This makes the image of MLM very bad in the eyes of the public. Even a few months back this business presence impersonate the MLM with the concept of human-assisting human and zero investment business, very unreasonable is not it?

Before deciding to join a particular MLM business, the first thing you should find out is the legality of the company. Ending to critically find out about the leniency of the company, because the company’s permission alone is not enough to determine the leniency of the company. In running any MLM business there will always be products that must be sold, but most people do not care about this and are more concerned with the lure of bonuses, this is a lot of pure MLM because they sell quality products to then share the bonuses to members. Nowadays there are many companies that impersonate MLM without selling a product, they only sell the system with unreasonable terms, for example, the term A helps B, this is very strange and very unreasonable. What is like this already insure is not MLM but zero investment.

Understand, one of the characteristics of MLM is to sell quality products but with a relatively affordable price. The characteristics of pure MLM products are high-quality products, very useful products, in need of many people, get a positive response from society and reasonable price. If the MLM product does not comply with the above conditions, then my suggestion is to leave. The purpose of MLM business is to get the opportunity income or bonus-bonus that many given by MLM itself, the calculation of each MLM bonus must be different, to determine the system is good and healthy is to analyze whether the system is only beneficial one party? A good and healthy system is a system created to be mutually beneficial, new members will get the same income opportunities that have been previously joined.