Choosing the Lentor Modern apartment is not limited to facilities, comfort, location, and price. However, the floor position of the apartment must also be considered. Usually, in determining the upper or lower floor of an apartment, one will consider the position and direction towards a dwelling in the apartment. Even the direction facing and the floor will determine the range of the rental price. An apartment with an attractive view, of course, will cost much more than an apartment with an ordinary or standard position.

Apartment Top Floor
Generally, someone will be attracted by the offer of the upper floor rather than the lower floor, because the upper floors provide a beautiful and interesting view. You could say that the upper floors are more desirable than the lower floors.

Pros of Living on the Upper Floor
A big advantage for someone living in the upstairs One North Eden apartment is the quieter conditions. You will not be disturbed by footsteps passing through your apartment unit. The upper floors also provide less interaction with curious neighbors. Thus, you will be free from the hassle of comfort in the apartment.

On the top floor, you can leave the windows open all day and enjoy the fresh air and breeze. With these conditions, you will save more money and electricity.

Conditions on the top floor will prevent you from hearing the noise from the children’s play area or the sound of vehicles. And the most important thing is that you will feel a beautiful view from the apartment window.

From this description, it can be concluded that there are several advantages of living on the top floor of the one north eden showflat apartment, such as:
• The atmosphere is not too noisy because it is far from the center of the crowd
• Freer from pests and safer from theft
• Can get more sun
• Get beautiful and attractive scenery
• Can be rented to others at a higher price.
• Higher level of privacy.
• Does not need air conditioning
• Not worried about flood conditions

Disadvantages of Living on the Upper Floor
Even though the top floor is in the safe category, no one can guess when a natural disaster like an earthquake occurs. Also, living in an upstairs apartment complicates the evacuation process in an emergency in the event of an earthquake and fire.

If there is a family member with a disability, living on the top floor will be difficult, especially if the building is not equipped with facilities for residents with special needs. Some of the disadvantages of living on the top floor of an apartment include:
• Difficult evacuation process
• When the weather is hot, it can swell the budget due to excessive use of air conditioning.
• Difficulty moving large items.
• High impact on system problems such as a broken lift.