VPS also has a function as a Virtual Private Network or commonly known as a VPN. This VPS function can be used by companies or organizations that need a private network between employees or their members. They can store data and also exchange important data safely during the VPN network. You can get free vps server on our website.

The following are some of the other uses of VPS:

Remote Desktop
Did you know that a VPS can also be used as a remote desktop? By using a VPS you can access and use a computer or server remotely. In other words, you have full control of the server without being limited by location.

File Hosting
You are of course very familiar with sites such as Google Drive, shared, Dropbox, and various other storage sites. If you usually store files online on these sites, the VPS service also allows you to store large files. And not only can it be accessed by website owners but also by visitors to your website. VPS also provides online storage features such as backing up, file-sharing services, software storage, pictures, videos, and others.

Trial Server
If your company is engaged in IT or you are working on a software development project, application, operating system, of course, you need a server at an affordable price. Not only that, you also need qualified facilities to experiment with software or applications that you are developing. You can just use a dedicated server but with high price consequences. As an alternative, you can use a VPS to do these experiments.

However, before you decide to use a VPS, you should find out what a VPS is. Don’t forget, you also need to take into account whether it’s time for you to switch to VPS. Among them, of course, VPS has a higher price than shared hosting. In addition, if there is a hardware failure it can affect all VPS on a server, and also the services must be monitored frequently so that VPS is not suitable for beginners. That’s a little explanation of what VPS is.