Did you know that the ring has many different models and types? Different models, different ways of wearing them. Here are some of the types of rings that custom jeweler dallas offers for both formal/informal events.

Three stone ring
This model ring has a middle stone between two smaller stones. It is wearable for formal and informal events. It will give a charming shine. It is very suitable to be paired with neutral-colored outfits.

Halo ring setting
This ring has a center stone surrounded by smaller stones. The halo ring can be used as a statement ring to complete your formal style.

Cluster ring/micro setting
Cluster ring is a ring with a combination of small stones. This collection of stones has a variety of shapes. Cluster rings are perfect for you to wear at evening events or formal events.

Cocktail ring
This model ring is large in size and is suitable for use in cocktail parties as well as formal events. You can also combine a cocktail ring with statement earrings.

Plain ring
As the name suggests, this ring does not have the first stone, so you can wear it at any time. But for a formal event, you need a little sparkle. An eternity ring surrounded by gems can be an option as a counterweight to a plain ring.

geometric ring
The geometric model ring will give a unique and modern impression. Wear it with a minimalist outfit to make your appearance look more fashionable.

Stack rings
This ring is a combination of several rings stacked together. You can buy a set of stack rings or combine some of the rings you own.

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