The printing press is equipped with an inking system consisting of ink rollers which must meet certain technical requirements, equipped with a wetting system that must be able to deliver water during the production process, also equipped with an adjustment system / register system that guarantees the same position of the printed material during the production process, as much circulation in a variety of different production speeds. However, as good, as sophisticated, modern and strong as any, the printing press along with its components must be carried out care, maintenance in a certain periodic period, the right way of care and with the right nursing materials and at the right time will guarantee conditions are still good, excellent and able to carry out functions properly The ball screw is also an important focus so you don’t need a ball screw repair service every month.

For example, ink rollers in the request system are taken to be able to apply the right layer of ink to all types of models, all types of printing materials, at variations in production speed and long production time, the ink rollers (especially rubber rollers) must have certain technical requirements, are cared for / maintained in the right way, at the right time and with the right nursing materials.

Regarding the condition of the ink rollers (rubber) which suffered damage from the edge of the rollers (pictured above), it becomes a difficult problem to find a solution. Technically the rubber rollers along the rollers must have the same elasticity, the same physical condition, but the fact is that after all these years of production with makeshift maintenance, the rubber rollers will change in diameter to be not the same, the physical condition is not the same let alone its elasticity throughout the elasticity of the rollers also varies.

Why did that happen? When examined further, the length of the rollers is longer than the plate, the length of the plate is greater than the length of the print area (image area), the length of the print area will generally always be longer than the print model. The difference in the length of the rollers with the length of the print model, printing ink will accumulate. The ink that has not been distributed to the rotating rollers will generate heat so that the rubber rollers will be damaged in a certain period. Even if the ink adjustment in the inkwell and inkwell roll is initially reduced (thin), but with the lateral movement of the distribution rollers, the ink will gradually spread evenly across the surface of the rollers, no exception the rollers on the edge will be coated with ink.

On the other hand the surface conditions of the cylindrical plates, blanket cylinders and compressed cylinders along with the surface of the cylindrical ring (bearer) conditions must be clean, there should be no dirt or any coating attached to the surface of the cylinder ring, because it will affect the scale or severity of the print pressure that has been previously determined and calculated by the print operator.