Meditation is a mental exercise that can strengthen and flex the mind. Thus, all problems are not easy to shake the mind. In addition, meditation helps us to know who we are and to concentrate more on the present. Meditation is not emptying the mind, but emptying away from negative feelings and thoughts (like hate, jealousy, and lies), then fill it with kindness, compassion, and concentration. Meditation can help cleanse the soul and beautify the mind. That is why meditation becomes one of the means of detoxification. To learn more about meditation, you can visit our website and get guided meditation CD’s.

Conducting meditation should be accompanied by the instructor. Why? So that there is feedback from meditation learned. The instructor will tell you the correct way of meditation, detect his progress, and teach how to adapt the meditation technique to suit our individual personality. If you do not have time to go to a special place to learn meditation, you can do basic meditation techniques at home. But, keep in mind, do these exercises regularly. Not like medicine, which is eaten when sick and abandoned when healthy. Meditation is a lifelong practice to clear out the garbage of mind and heart.

Here are basic meditation techniques that you can train yourself at home:
1. Look for a fixed place and time so as not to be distracted by anything.

2. Take the sitting meditation position, ie cross-legged with the right foot on top. The back is upheld. Do not lean so as not to get sleepy. Place your hands on your lap with both palms facing up.

3. Close eyes, attach the tip of the tongue to the upper palate.

4. Begin by praying that God may give guidance to live and mental balancing.

5. Concentrate on breathing. Breathe normally. You just need to observe and feel the air coming in, out, and so on. If the mind is distracted, return the concentration to the breathing.

Perform this exercise for 10 minutes. Then, increase to 15 minutes, and then 20 minutes.

7. Beginners may use aromatherapy or introductory music. But, should not be for all meditation. Only 10 minutes early. Because, if accustomed to using certain music or perfumed, our minds are stuck on the music and the scent alone. Can not be any deeper.