In determining the vacation time to enjoy a honeymoon, surely many are planning it by increasing the number of days of stay. Some book hotel rooms for 7 days, some even up to 14 days. A honeymoon doesn’t take that long. Seven days is the right number of days and is recommended for newlyweds. For this reason, you need a vehicle that can help you vacation comfortably, such as a range rover hire.

The thing that does not escape the planning of honeymoon time is hotel reservations for lodging. As a new couple, of course, you want to stay in a room that has a romantic atmosphere. It should be noted, you can request a hotel where you stay to set up a honeymoon room with various decorations that create a romantic atmosphere, such as a sprinkling of rose petals on the floor of the room that leads to the bed, towels shaped like a swan with a pose forming a heart symbol, and congratulations on your honeymoon from the hotel management. Sometimes, some hotels also provide ‘welcome drinks’ and snacks that are directly available in hotel guest rooms.

It is undeniable that food from restaurants in hotels is generally known for its varied menus with tantalizing flavors. And for those of you who have booked lodging at a hotel, you can easily book a table at the hotel restaurant. This dinner of yours can be very memorable for you, especially if it is your first dinner as a married couple. It is not uncommon for someone to give a surprise at dinner, such as roses, or ask for help from the restaurant staff to sing a song. It would be better if, in addition to a good restaurant ambiance, the food menu at the selected hotel is a favorite food menu for one or both of them.

One thing that may be forgotten when planning a honeymoon is documentation. Honeymoon is a moment that will always be remembered by married couples, but if we only rely on cellphone cameras, there will be a big tendency that we will always play gadgets and not enjoy the moment together. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a camera during your honeymoon so you can document the beautiful moments together.