Golf is a sport that not a few people play it. However, because the costs involved in playing the game are quite expensive, some people feel quite satisfied with just collecting the balls. If you have ever held a golf ball specifically, you will feel that the ball has a heavy load. You certainly think about the contents in the golf ball. Then not a few people who think that it contains iron or other kinds. Perhaps, you start to wonder if Bali Golf Courses can be the right choice for you.

The golf ball was made with a heavy load because it had to fight a fairly strong wind when the ball floated in the air. Just imagine if the ball was light, of course, the ball could have returned to its original place. So it’s as if you didn’t hit it and then messing up the game for sure.

If you look in more detail, golf balls have basins that are not small in number. Based on What’s Inside, with the many basins contained on golf balls, the ball will stabilize when it is above the air and its range will also be even farther away.

Out of curiosity about what the contents of the golf ball are, What’s Inside through an official Youtube account conducted an experiment by trying to split several golf clubs from a number of types and brands. Given that golf balls that have a solid density, they prepare some sharp weapons such as special meat knives, hammer hammers, and axes to split a golf ball. In fact, they also prepared mini electric saws. For your additive information, the golf ball is made in layers with various materials and colors that are not the same. While for the contents themselves, there are several materials. Starting from resin, special liquid, plastic to rubber.