When we choosing paint color for house decoration it will be spending a little time around colors and color choices and work becomes a lot easier. Even we will be more confused about what colors we choose. But, here we will help you to choose the colors for your best house decoration and also we provide woodstock exterior painting that has years of experience.

When you look at the use of color graphics or wheel colors you will find 12 basic colors, three basic (red, blue, yellow), three medium (orange, purple and green) and tertiary colors (the result of mixing primary and secondary colors… gives you red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-orange). Each base color includes an almost unlimited number of tints, shades, and tones. It combines creating a ‘family of colors’. Turquoise, teal, and aquamarine are part of the blue-green family such as pink, magenta, fuchsia, and vermilion are part of the red family.

Colour tinge – A is created by adding white to color. Pink and all variations are red. The blue sky is blue.

Shade Color – A that is produced by adding black to the color. The Navy is blue while the bricks are red.

A tone – the tone produced by adding grey to the color. Olives are green tones and are achieved by adding large amounts of green-grey.

By choosing the first family color, when determining the color used in your home, you can start playing around with the colors, colors, and tones to match your color scheme to what you like and more into your taste and style. Add and subtract your moves one way or another on a color chart. Play with the change of direction until you find yourself in an area of colors that feels comfortable.

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