Audio visual devices are very prone to installation errors. This means when installing you have to hire an expert from audio video solutions corporation. You can also install this audio video device yourself. Most importantly, pay attention to the installation instructions. Here are the main things you should pay attention to:

1. Place the device in a cool location. The distance between audio and video devices should not be too far apart. Adjust the distance with the availability of cables for audio video.

2. On newer devices, there is an option to display pictures on the television and sound on the amplifier. In order not to install the wrong one, choose according to your wishes. Each alternative uses a different cable. In general, audio and video are connected by RCA cables. Slightly higher, the image is displayed via the RBG cable.

3. It is necessary to pay attention to the layout of the microphone and speaker so that feedback does not occur.

When installing, pay attention to the cable type, cable color, and port color on the device. Connect the cable with the port according to the color. Be careful not to get different colors because it will affect the appearance of the picture and sound.

Installing a good audio system requires good planning. First, the acoustics of the room must be analyzed. The second optimization of the speaker system must be selected. The three audio components such as preamplifier, Power Amplifier, tape recorder, DVD player, equalizer, and pick-up must be selected. Fourth, Optimization of AM/FM antenna installation must be planned. Audio systems can be divided into low-level circuits and high-level circuits. Recorder output, tape recorder output is a low-level circuit. The low-level circuit is sensitive to noise caused by electrical disturbances (hum).

Therefore the interconnection between audio components at the low-level section needs to use an audio cable. Audio cable is a cable consisting of solid conductors that are shielded. It is recommended that high-level circuits such as power amplifiers are not sensitive to noise and therefore do not require shielded cables. In the installation of audio equipment using various forms of terminals and connecting jacks according to the audio equipment used.