Many people who do not want to buy organic coffee because of the price, but if calculated again, the price is not much different than the same non-organic coffee per cup . But what is the reason why there are some people who insist on having to drink organic coffee? Drinking organic coffee is not for show-offs or similar reasons. However, we must carefully choose food and drink because it will relate or affect our health. Ever had an idea for Buy organic Fair Trade coffee? There are some things that not everyone knows about organic coffee that seem to bring the impression and sensation for its drinkers.

No chemicals

First, non-organic coffee is usually dipped in a chemical solution for durable, chlorine and ammonia. While organic coffee does not contain any chemicals. Not only that, when planted, non-organic coffee every day bombarded with pesticides and herbicides. From here, the coffee already contains chemicals right? Imagine how much chemical it contains in the cup of coffee we drink. Regardless of why you drink coffee, do not forget to make sure that it will not harm your body and health.

Environmentally friendly

Non-organic coffee production is actually damaging the environment, both land, people who live around the coffee plantation, as well as livestock that is there. Not just today, but also the danger in the long run. Poor are they? Although the damaged is not our environment, there is no harm we also care about the environment of others, yet we all live and live on the same earth. So, by buying organic coffee, we all not only enjoy coffee with high taste but also participate protect the environment and the earth

In addition, it’s important to know the background of the coffee seller or provider and know how they get the quality organic coffee beans.