Talking about technology is endless, even when technology is growing as it is today, all aspects are taken into account, including sound. The presence of speakers is a new breakthrough that you can enjoy now, one of which is bose soundlink mini 2. With wireless technology that is owned, you can get convenience in listening to music or even watching movies. It also weighs light, only 1.5 pin with small portability and contains a single-piece aluminum casing that can prevent water and dust from reaching the engine.

As for some types of speakers that you can choose are individual with complete, one individual type is surround speakers which include additional speakers, this type of speaker has a bass and treble that is very strong and is often added in a home theater at home because surround speakers can deliver sound which is more ambient so that the sound that is issued is much clearer and harder, especially when you play video. Other types of speakers that are not less competitive and must have are subwoofers which have realistic bass sound effects and make this speaker a speaker suitable for those of you who listen to music. Subwoofer users can place these speakers anywhere even though they still have to consider the comfort of the sound produced, the more you place the subwoofer in the corner of the room, the clearer the sound effect of the bass will be.

Other individual speakers, others with complete speakers. Complete speakers offer convenience for those of you who don’t want to be complicated in terms of choosing the right speaker because if you have a receiver and don’t bother choosing individual speakers, complete speakers are the best you can have. Packaged surround is one of them as a speaker bundling which is a configuration variation with a price range that also varies. Usually packaged surround consists of right and left speakers, a subwoofer and 2 speakers on the front and equipped with a receiver if you don’t have it.