As said before, one of the options you have when going to the market to buy a car is used car available at Cooks used car dealer. The main reason people prefer used cars is the cost factor. Not only that, many factors are more profitable than buying a new car. Having a dream car is everyone’s dream, but cost constraints are always the main issues that hinder most people. Financial constraints make people more glance at used cars for them to buy.

Currently getting a new car output with exorbitant prices is not a difficult case, because many credit services that can be utilized. Yes, there are still many people who prefer to buy a used car than a new car. There are so many reasons why people prefer used cars. You might not hesitate to buy a used car if you read the following five reasons:

1. Cheaper Price

It is clear that used cars have an advantage in the price sector. The most common reason when someone decides to buy a used car is a limited budgetary problem. So if budget constraints become an obstacle you eat right if you choose to buy a used car.

Because this is the most suitable with the contents of your pocket now. The cheap price will also benefit the buyer if they want to sell it again they will not experience much price reduction. When you can buy the car at the cheaper price, it means you can save more, right?

2. Depreciation of prices

Depreciation is one thing that is not so favored by the owners of vehicles. An average car will experience a price reduction of about 15% to 25% per year for the first five years. Therefore, instead of buying a new car, you better buy a used car that is more than five years old. In addition to the cheaper price, after the age of five years, the decline in car prices is not too significant.