Nowadays, cell phone is a primer need of people. Even the correspondence method still exists to date, but communication via cell phone can not be replaced. Increasingly the technology in cell phone, the more can not be disengaged man using this gadget. In addition, there are several reasons that can cause humans can not be separated from their cell phone:

– People use cell phone 24 hours

In the past, humans only used the phone to contact their nearest person and used the phone for a few minutes and no more than 1 hour. They have to go to the nearest phone box to be able to use it. In contrast to the current state where almost everyone has cell phone in their pockets and they always carry every one they go. They will return home if they do not bring their cell phone to work or school. From the time of waking up, the first thing that humans check is cell phone and they will check all the social media information, instant message, or browser they use often.

– Social media

Social media has become a world of its own for some people. The era of social media begins with the emergence of facebook that brings together many people who have been apart can meet after using it. Social media has also become a way for people to become famous in different ways. Generally they are called social media celebrity and they have many fans even up to millions. This is made easier because many profiles of social media accounts use pictures of beautiful women or handsome men who even they do not know the real face of the account owner.

– Game online

If you do not like social media, or do not often use instant messenger, you definitely love the game. Yes, this is another reason humans can not get themselves out of cell phones. Now, there are many cell phones that have more than 2 GB of RAM and can be used to install a heavy game. It’s easy and simple than using a personal computer or laptop because we have to stay in one place and we can not bring our personal computer or laptop to other places.