It’s not easy to find a job that matches our abilities and desires. There are many stages that we have to go through, starting from sending applications, doing written tests, interviews, to psychological test. The aim of the company to do this is of course to get prospective employees who really in accordance with the needs and criteria of the company itself. Not infrequently when our physical and mental conditions are not ready for the test, it will affect our acceptance of the job. Before applying for the job by benefiting from the job centre online, make sure that you know the reasons why someone doesn’t get accepted when applying for the job, as follows:

1. You are not proactive
Finding the job you want is not easy. Especially when you hope that someone else will offer or give you a job. A proactive attitude must be possessed by you, especially in finding a job. Developing a strategy must even be one that is done so that it is more appropriate to find work.

2. You don’t have enthusiasm when doing a test
If you are forced to apply for a job that you don’t like, don’t be surprised when your boss feels that something is wrong. The attitude or even the results of your work will reflect the spirit of your work so far. An entrepreneur knows that skills can always be taught and trained, but the spirit grows and develops from the individual himself.

3. Your application letter does not show who you really are
Resume /CV/cover letter is the leg that brings us into the company when we want to apply for a job. Therefore the cover letter is very important to be made and not ignored. All data that you show must be in accordance with you. If it’s not accurate for the job, you will never get a chance to enter the interview stage.