There’s a saying we learn by making mistakes and it is true. But sometimes the mistake we make cost us a great problem like dry firing your crossbow strings. The dry firing means a bowstring is being drawn and released without an arrow. Any kind of bow you use will suffer damage when you are dry firing, especially if you use a crossbow. Crossbow strings specifically design for a bow that is way more powerful than the other kind of bow. The force you create when drawing a crossbow string will be multiplied with lever system on the bow. When you fire your bow, all that force you created as you draw the string will be stored by the limbs-where in crossbow will be magnified greatly and released through the string that transferred all that energy to the arrow thus the arrow move forward with great speed. Now, imagine what will happen when there is no arrow on the bow. Yes, all that force and energy built will bounce back to the bow that’ll create a vibration that could damage the bow or make the bowstring snap and when it snapped, crossbow string replacement is needed immediately.

Even though dry firing happens mostly to the beginner in archery or to people that never try archery, it could also happen to professional archer with so many reasons whether it is losing focus, slipped or even sneeze. However, many archers do not aware that an arrow that too light could also be the cause of dry firing. When you use an arrow that too light the energy will only go back to the limbs of the bow instead of the arrow itself. It is why you need to make sure that you use an arrow that suitable with your bow and having proper weight for all that energy. Always check with the archery shop or a professional that will help you determine the best equipment for your archery hobby.