In the automotive world, not only new cars or motorcycles can be modified. In fact, even luxurious used cars can also be modified. However, before starting modifications, you should choose what type of fancy used car is suitable for modification. In addition to preparing the budget to be issued, several factors turned out to also need you to pay attention and what things you need to avoid. Additionally, if you don’t want to drive your own modified fancy cars to important occasions, perhaps you may rent an exquisite vehicle from the most trusted luxury car hire service company.

Well, here we will give some tips on modifying high-class used cars. See the following review.

Do not force the Car to Be Flat

First, you should not be forced to become a flat car if you modify a luxurious used car. Apart from feeling strange, it will also reduce the comfort level for the passenger when fancy used in everyday driving. What’s more, if you pass the sleeping police and the road with holes you will find it quite difficult to pass. Using rims and tires that are too small is also very dangerous because it can reduce handling performance.

Lamp Color

Next, when you want to modify, pay attention to the car headlights. Do not arbitrarily replace the headlights, brakes, and sein because they only want to look “slang”. Although it looks trivial, changing lights that do not fit can endanger the driver and other drivers. It’s because related to the color of the lights on the vehicle has been regulated by law. For example, for the front lights must be white or light yellow which functions to help visibility and can penetrate the rain.

Preferably, avoid lights that are bluish white or purplish because they cannot penetrate the fog and rain, and can interfere with other drivers because of the effect of glare. Meanwhile, the brake lights should use red and not flicker and the turn signal is dark yellow.

Installing Racing Exhaust

The use of racing exhaust can give a fierce impression on the vehicle and the exhaust is commonly high-class used for competitions. However, in the use of a racing exhaust, today is not recommended because it produces a noise that is too noisy.