Weeds can grow anywhere, whether in your yard or your garden. Not only growing on the ground, but weeds can also grow out of the sidelines of the paving. The existence of this weed is quite disturbing the view, especially if you are someone who always keeps the garden neat. Uprooted weeds can regrow on their own. We will share how to get rid of weeds so they don’t grow again. However, if you wish to hire professionals to take care of your lawn, you can hire a company of lawn care in Belle Chasse, LA. ​

The methods that we will share here use simple and easily available ingredients, such as:


Before you use this ingredient, you need to remember that using gasoline to kill weeds can contaminate the soil and other plants, unless you don’t want to use the soil for growing crops anymore. Mix any kind of gasoline with salt, urea fertilizer, and laundry detergent (this can be liquid dish soap or detergent). Stir all the ingredients together, then mix with enough water. Spray the gasoline concoction on weeds, overnight the weeds will die. This gasoline solution can be a substitute for herbicides if you have trouble finding the weed killer product. The chemical toxins produced by this gasoline solution are almost as deadly as the herbicides.


You don’t want to use chemicals that smell strong? No problem, because there are ways to get rid of weeds so they don’t grow again that rely on safe natural ingredients, namely salt. The salt you used to cook with can now be used to kill weeds. Getting rid of weeds with salt is very easy, as you only need to add enough salt to the weeds and the area around them. However, this method is not as fast as removing weeds with gasoline. The salt will absorb the water content in the weeds and the surrounding soil so that over time the weeds will die from drying out.


Try using herbicides. As information, herbicides are weed eradication products commonly used for agricultural needs. Herbicide products are widely sold in plant and agricultural stores. The way herbicides work is to poison weeds by entering through the leaves and infiltrating the weeds. Weeds that have been contaminated with herbicides will die by themselves