If you have used catering, you will need to test food first. For this test food, it is recommended to visit the wedding party that will be handled by catering as a guest. If possible, go to 2 or 3 marriages to check the quality of food served by the catering. If the catering manager does not want to inform them where the party they handle should not use their services. Why we also have to bother doing test food? This is because the client must know how the taste and quality of the food they serve at the actual party. Cooking a little and a lot is of course different. If the chef is good, then the taste and quality will be maintained. If not, it could be the food that is tried in a catering and party place with different taste and quality. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a very recommended catering company near your area, you can just call the Best Alpharetta Catering Company.

Package or not package

Clients must choose only to use the catering package or all other packages? Usually, catering will offer other packages if the client does not have a choice. Packages offered are usually in conjunction with makeup, decoration, documentation and more. Ask about the package price details offered, if it is cheaper than the others, the reason must be ascertained and make sure it also makes sense.

Do not be tempted by low prices but the quality obtained is not in accordance with what is desired, do not get stuck at a cheap price. Usually, there is money, so there will be an appropriate quality. Times have changed, there are prices. It must be appropriate and rational, don’t be fooled.

Decoration dish

When doing a food test, don’t forget to see the appearance of the food presentation decoration. Is it according to what you want or not. There have been several instances where food decoration appeared bad and unattractive. Although the quality is good, if the appearance is not attractive, of course, it is not eye-catching. guests may lose their appetite. This will be a minus value for wedding catering managers.