To get rid of stains that are attached to clothes, you must pay attention to many things so that cleaning it will be very easy. Watch Time Clean the stain as soon as possible. The new stain will be easier to clean than for a long time, especially for days. Do you know? In these days, you can try the use of the laundry powder which you can get when buying the h2o starter kit. Will you go to get and then read h2o at home product reviews?

For fresh stains, remove them first with a clean cloth, use a tissue or towel. Avoid rubbing the stained area with a dark cloth because it makes the dirt spread. If the stain thickens and is solid, rub it with a blunt or metal knife. Some solid stains like mud, removing them will be easier after the stain dries.

Do not first clean fresh stains immediately rub with soap. So soap can multiply stains more evenly. Before washing, separate clothes or cloth to be washed. Dirt that requires special handling must be washed separately and should not be put together with stained clothing.

Also, you should avoid excessive scrubbing except on strong or thick fabrics. Rubbing cloth can spread stains and damage cloth. However, gently rubbing mixed with water, helps to remove stains from dry food, blood or oil stains. Furthermore, separate very stained clothes and then wash separately. Soil and stains can mix in clothing during continuous washing. Follow Cleaning Tips Use the recommended water temperature for stain and detergent removal products. Sure, you should know which clothes need to wash using the cold water, warm water, or hot water.