Driving by private car has always been a fun activity, but do you know? That driving with four wheels also poses a dangerous risk that could threaten safety. There is a risk of accidents, whether caused by our mistakes or other people, whether the hit or We hit. Protecting yourself at all times during driving is an impossible thing to do. Even so, We can provide better protection with the camera for car or dashcam. Visit The Blog of vdashcam to find out anything related to dashcam.

A camera mounted on the car is usually installed on the dashboard quite diverse functions, began to protect the driver, looking for criminals, and so forth. Seeing its function that is vital in choosing a car camera should be thorough, following tips:

– Thoroughly choose the quality of the camera

Cameras destined for cars need to have a quality camera, at least have HD or high definition technology. So that the recording can capture the object clearly, eg know the plate number of the perpetrators of the collision and so on. The less good camera will provide evidence of a weak and elusive event.

– Selection of the right size

Special camera for the car comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to small to large enough. Size can be determined in accordance with the needs and tastes if you want to choose a camera that blends with other equipment. Like mobile phones and others are placed on the dashboard then it can choose a fairly large size and easily visible. But for those who feel small is more practical then choose a petite as long as it can run its function properly.

– Storage memory capacity

The larger the memory capacity in the camera, the longer the recording can be stored. Make sure the camera has been selected can enter the external memory with a decent capacity in order to record a few hours. quality cameras that only provide limited storage space will be less able to be utilized optimally.